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William Dean A. Garner has done decades of research on the Society of Jesus, the Jesuits, and their minions. Who Really Owns Your Gold is an introduction to this sinister dynasty that currently runs our beautiful world and how they do it.

For those interested in studying the behaviors of the Jesuits, Garner suggests the following:

When examining any entity, it's important to look at long-term behaviors and actions. The Jesuits were handed their power in the 1540s by another Roman dynasty that ruled for nearly 1,000 years. The Jesuits were given specific instructions on how to further enslave the world. Over the next 470+ years, they have used the same methods over and over again in every country on the planet. Old texts dating back hundreds of years confirm these observations.

All one need do is look at Jesuits' behaviors and actions in each country over a minimum of 100 years. If you extend your study to nearly 500 years, you will see distinct patterns of abuse that are in full force today.

The Jesuits have infiltrated every possible area and level of society, so it is nearly impossible to find accurate information about them and their behaviors and actions. Again, look at patterns of behaviors. In the absence of hard evidence, you will discover these patterns (in the form of circumstantial evidence). The only way to prove the thousands of conspiracies is to examine these mounds of circumstantial evidence, connect enough of the dots, analyze and assess, then interpret the results as accurately as possible.

Beware of disinformation agents and their minions. They can be spotted fairly easily: one of their first actions is to publicly attack anyone who exposes them or the Jesuits; their second action is to discredit those who expose them; given their vast resources, the Jesuits and their minions beat opponents into submission by threatening them, using bribes or "incentives," doing physical harm to families and friends and even murdering the opposition and their families.

The Jesuits own and control all mainstream media, so don't expect to find any useful intel on any sites like BBC, CNN, Fox News, or from "reporters," "presenters" or "correspondents" like Fareed Zakaria, Jesse Ventura, Glenn Beck, etc. They're all false opposition, designed to fool good people into thinking those good people have a voice of opposition. The same is true for political parties, so don't expect assistance from any Democrat, Republican or Tea Party member. They are all minions of the Jesuits.

The Jesuits also have infiltrated "alternative media," which are smaller websites that once sought to expose those in power. Unfortunately, most of those sites are now Jesuit-influenced if not completely owned and controlled. Many of these sites and their hosts have attempted to discredit William Garner and his work, but have found the going difficult because of Garner's good, solid research, the results of which cannot be refuted.

Remember: the truth, crushed to earth, shall rise again.